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Self Serve Car Wash Vs. Automatic Washes – Which One Fits Best?

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Different people prefer different things in all walks and ways of life, and this is no different in the car wash world. Some customers love the self serve car wash: pay, do it yourself and get out of there, no problem. Others far prefer automatic washes that get the job done for them, allowing them the short amount of leisure time and taking the job out of their hands, giving them one less responsibility to compete in a busy day.


As with anything, you’ll never be able to capture 100% of the population on any one side of this issue. Certain people will always stick by self-serve car washes, no matter what, while others prefer the convenience of an automatic, touchless wash regardless of other factors. But knowing what kind of person prefers each version of car wash may help you better understand how to attract and retain loyal customers and evangelists for your business.


Self Serve Car Wash Customers: The Individualists


Self-serve car wash customers value efficiency in their own way, and prefer to be in control of their car and its care on their own terms. They want to know that they can complete the job themselves, and get it done to a satisfying degree of completion for what they are seeking. Things happen on their time, and at their pace — and they’ll use that access to your car wash equipment as they see fit.


As a car wash company owner, a self-serve car wash can be a dream in that regard, as the customers do it all themselves and leave little leftover for you to need employees or caretakers there on a daily basis. As a turn key operation, it certainly isn’t a bad gig for the company owner, and it keeps the customers happy and self-sufficient… the perfect combo!


Automatic Wash Customers: The Efficiency Experts


On the other hand, those that seek out automatic car washes want a more professional touch, knowing they’re paying for a far more efficient, hands-off cleaning that’ll get the job done without requiring them to lift a finger. Whether they’re particularly busy in other areas of their life, or just seeking out an easy solution that doesn’t require them to do much to receive a great product, these customers love the professional feel.


Touchless car wash equipment is ideal for these customers, as they want something reliable and known without having to stretch too much or put forth effort on their own. They pay, the car wash does its thing, and they leave happy — the perfect transaction for everybody involved!