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Has the idea of starting a Car Wash recently sparked your interest?

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Searching for car wash equipment Canada is a great place to start.

Canada’s thriving economy is in many ways well driven by its population growth.

In recent years, most Canadian towns and cities have seen significant increases in population, this along with the increase in vehicles per household make the automotive trade a large part of any town or cities growth. The car wash business in itself is a huge part of that sustained growth, essentially everyone wants a clean car.

Most small towns have a self serve car wash, a small population of 2,000 can easily support a couple of self serve bays. Towns with a population of over 20,000 people can easily support an automatic car wash. A moderate high speed tunnel wash could operate on 20,000 people but a higher population of around 50,000 would be an ideal number. Considering these numbers we need one car wash for every 25,000 people.

The Car Wash industry has grown over the years from a simple hand washing operation to sophisticated high impact pressure jet wash technology and highly automated high speed tunnel machines. Owning and running a car wash these days is not just a mere business, its one of the most lucrative and respected business if done right.

Always consider your potential car wash location carefully Lot condition, size, location and even the topography can deem a site suitable or not. You’re going to need a nice level and and accessible lot . The busier and the more accessible the better. Ideally somewhere close to public places, malls, shopping centers, arenas, etc. 

Consider all the services you will need to support a car wash. Water supply and drainage – Gas and Hydro, larger car wash equipment requires atleast a 600 volt 3 phase electricity service which hydro is not able to provide in some areas.

Contact the local Municipality of the town or city you are proposing for your new wash, they are generally always glad to give advice. Ask if they are planning any changes or starting any new project which may affect the car population in the area. 

If your considering starting a washing business make sure you speak to you local wash company or car wash contractor, they can recommend the best wash building design and the most suitable type of wash for the area and market you are looking to appeal to. A good car wash contractor knows the business and will do everything they can to help you succeed.