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Car Washes & The Environment – Everything You Need To Know

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As the world collectively becomes more environmentally conscious, so to do we in the car wash industry need to acknowledge the impact our work can sometimes have on the world around us. That doesn’t mean to say car washes are bad for the environment — far from it, actually — but any car wash company concerned about its ecological footprint in any way would be wise to do several things to be more green-conscious. In turn, you may be surprised at the resources (and money!) you can save by making simple, long-lasting adjustments to your business practices.


Less Water, More Efficiently | Car Wash Company 


As car wash equipment and technology improves, we are forever better understanding how to more efficiently use (and re-use) water so as to conserve more than what we waste. New self-serve car wash products, as well as touchless car wash equipment all, focuses highly on being able to more intelligently use water to efficiently clean each car without overdoing it, so less water overall is being used, and the end product is just as good (or better) while putting out a significantly lower strain on resources.


Higher-Quality Products & Equipment


The quality of cleaning products and equipment matters greatly here, too. Generally speaking, the higher quality touchless car wash equipment your car wash uses, the better it’ll be at performing efficiently as intended with no over-runs, leaks, or other inefficient issues that could lead to worsening the environment. Nowadays, most touchless car wash equipment has advanced sensors that track the contours of each specific car, too, allowing for more efficient and smarter usage of water, and less of a drain (no pun intended!) on valuable resources.


High-Efficiency Soap!


High-efficiency soap increasingly allows car wash customers and employees to better clean cars more thoroughly while demanding less water to wet and rinse each car after completion. You can rest assured that the soap itself is getting the job done scrubbing away dirt, grime, and other nasty stuff that accumulates, while your car’s paint job is efficiently protected, and you aren’t required to use an exorbitant amount of water to rinse after washing. The easier the better for everyone involved – and especially the environment!


Maintenance That Lasts


As many car wash owners should know (or are now finding out), the more maintenance you do upfront to ensure your machines and technology is operational, the more time, money, effort, and resources you’ll save on the back end avoiding breakdowns and other problems. Early and routine maintenance now saves car washes from suffering major leakages and other water damage, too, thereby conserving the wash’s most important natural resource and ensuring sustainability – both as a business and as far as environmental responsibility is concerned.