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New Construction: Build Your Ideal Car Wash from Scratch


Embark on a journey to develop a state-of-the-art car wash facility designed to meet the demands of today’s market. At WashWorks, we specialize in ground-up construction of car washes that combine innovative technology with efficient, sustainable operations.


Why Build New with Us?


Customized Design:  Each car wash site is uniquely designed to maximize plot potential, customer flow, and operational efficiency. From compact urban models to expansive luxury facilities, we tailor every aspect to your business needs and customer expectations.


Advanced Technology Integration: We incorporate the latest car wash technologies from the start. This ensures your facility is equipped with the most advanced systems for payment processing, water recycling, and wash mechanics.


Sustainability Focus: Build with the future in mind. Our designs prioritize eco-friendly materials and systems that minimize environmental impact while reducing operational costs.


Regulatory Compliance: Navigating the complex regulatory environment can be challenging. We handle all aspects of compliance, from planning approvals to environmental regulations, ensuring a smooth project progression.


Our New Construction Services Include:


Site Assessment and Feasibility Studies: We begin by evaluating potential sites for your new build. This includes analyzing market demographics, local competition, and site-specific challenges.


Comprehensive Project Management: From initial design to final construction, our dedicated project managers keep your project on track, on budget, and aligned with your vision.


Custom Equipment Installation: Leveraging our extensive industry connections, we source and install the best car wash equipment that complements your service offerings.


Training and Launch Support: Once construction is complete, we provide comprehensive training for your staff and support during the launch phase to ensure a successful start.


Build Your Vision into Reality


Whether you’re looking to create a flagship car wash facility or expand your existing network, our expert team is ready to help you build a car wash that sets new standards in quality and service. Contact us today to discover how your new car wash project can become a beacon of innovation and customer satisfaction in your community.

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