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The Importance of Keeping A Well-Maintained Car Wash

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A car wash is like any other business that serves customers, and it’s critical that you properly maintain, clean, and keep up to date your storefront and facilities for those you are serving. It may seem obvious to some, but you’d be surprised how many car wash contractors and companies fail to maintain and update their places of business — and how that, in turn, can negatively affect customer retention rates and monthly profit margins.


With our work selling and maintaining car wash equipment in Canada, we see both the best and the worst with regularity. It’s not surprising, then, to report that the most successful car wash companies in the country are also those that are the cleanest and best maintained, especially in regard to what customers see and what services they provide. Here’s why that matters.


Attract and Retain Customers


No customer wants to shop at a run-down, shoddy business if they can help it. Sure, you might attract random customers off the street here and there for a one-off car wash with a funny or noticeable sign, or a clever marketing opportunity. But few things turn customers off more than seeing your self-serve car wash languishing in dirty, rundown conditions. Touchless car wash equipment isn’t just important to you as an owner, but to your customers, as the people willing to spend hard-earned money on your product. Why put forth a bad impression?


Customer retention starts and ends with customer satisfaction, and the easiest way to keep ‘em coming back is to prove your business is worthy of their time and effort. A quality product, from a quality, well-maintained car wash company, goes a long way in branding your business as the go-to outfit for all their cleaning needs. Don’t sell yourself short or leave customers underwhelmed — over-deliver in all aspects to build real retention. That includes maintaining your car wash equipment, keeping your business spotless and orderly, and generally caring about the appearance your establishment shows off to the world!


An Ounce of Prevention…


An ounce of prevention, as the saying goes, is worth a pound of cure. Properly maintaining your touchless car wash equipment and other company inventory is no different than a person maintaining their health and fitness for better medical outcomes later in life, or a mechanic properly maintaining a car so it is more reliable for a longer period of time. Consistent, up-to-date maintenance work on your car wash equipment — and even your car wash building design, in certain instances — is critical to keeping everything running when you need it, with minimal machine problems or breakdowns.


We’re proud to focus entirely on car wash company needs as a Canadian leader in the industry, and our maintenance recommendations and expectations come with your long-term goals and the health of your business in mind. With that, remember that it’s always better to set up your car wash company for long term, successful, sustainable profits rather than jumping the gun to make a quick buck here or there, and that long-term success can be more easily gained when you work now to maintain and make right the car wash equipment you intend to use for the long haul.